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Sex or Chocolate?What do girls prefer? Sex or Chocolate?

Well, it depends on where you come from. For ChinaGirlsAbroad, it is chocolate for most of them, but for the western girls it’s definitely sex!

But of course it depends on what time of the day it is. Some western girls said they would definitely choose chocolate if it were at lunch time, because they would be hungry……We asked 30 girls from China and 35 from Europe. The Chinese girls all giggled and covered their month as they laughed. The western girls laughed out loud, no hands on mouths for them, and some of them said the reason for choosing sex is because of “morning glory”! If you know the meaning of this, we won’t explain, but if you don’t, just think of it as your boyfriend being especially cheerful in the morning.


But the Chinese girls are much more conservative, only 14 chose sex. Is this to do with how good Chinese boys are at sex? Or is it just that in China we don’t get enough chocolate? Certainly when some ChinaGirlsAbroad go back, their western friends would send them food parcels of chocolate as gifts! Some Chinese girls just wanted tea or breakfast in the morning and one just wanted to brush her teeth. The western girls just thought they don’t know what they are missing! Some of the Chinese girls said they hadn’t had sex at all, so they couldn’t really choose. So come on Chinese boys, stop playing all those computer games and offer your girlfriends some chocolate! Feed them well and you never know what might happen!


Still, nearly half of the Chinese girls did actually prefer sex, which is a sign of how things are changing in China. You know what? On Valentines Day or weekends, all the hotels are fully booked, and you can see young boys and girls sneak into the lift, so that means Chinese girls maybe do love sex! Surely boys love it too! Based on Sociologist Yinhe Li’s latest report, 71.4% of young Chinese have sex before they get married.

Yes! 71.4%! For you western people, you might think it’s nothing, but for Chinese, this number is shocking! Because in China, the girls are not supposed to have sex before they get married. Even if they did, they would feel guilty or ashamed, and not dare to tell their parents or friends, because they think it’s losing face or being frivolous. Also, most of the Chinese men want to marry a virgin, but at the same time, they jump on every girl they see. So how can they be surprised if there are not many virgins left!

During the interview, all the 30 ChinaGirlsAbroad told me their parents would not allow them to have sex before they get married or they never talk about it. However, 22 of the girls agree with having sex before marriage. Of course, some of them just said “perhaps” or “it depends”, which means they have opened their mind to it, it is just a matter of when or with whom, I guess. Then why? What’s the reason for them to change their ideas and disobey their parents? And when did they start this change?

The most common answer is that “my friends have done it, one after the other!” Uh, now we suddenly notice that keeping secrets for girls are almost as impossible as David Cameron joining Communist Party! Well, you can’t really blame the girls, because it has been scientifically proved that not only can girls spot a Prada handbag in the sale from 700 metres (showing more skill than the eagle pouncing on a mouse), but they are also unable to keep a secret for more than 7 hours! If you don't believe this, watch “Gossip girls”! It will explain everything to you.

Then the question is when do the girls have the oppotunity to talk about it? If they are mostly encouraged to study or play the piano all the time. One answer is……UNIVERSITIES! Going to university means you have to travel to another city, and be far away from home. This is the perfect time for them to get rid of parents’ naggings and discipline! In China, 4 or 6 students share one room, they study together, live together, all day, all week, all year. Then after 4 years, can you imagine what they have talked about? Love, sex, family, friends, dreams, politics, fashion, literally everything, and more sex! And probably, most of the time they are just gossiping others! Another important thing is that you start to have your own say on your living expenses, which are given by parents usually every month. Therefore, karaoke, high heels, night clubs, cigarettes, sex, everything is there ready for you to explore! Yep, university! For some, it’s heaven, for some, it’s hell! (Hell turns out to be more fun!) And of course, in China itself, masses of women leave home and go off to work, so they become more independent.

Here is the point, if girls all just copy their friends’ behaviour, then what is the reason for their friends to change their behaviour in the first place? Some girls attribute it to the films they watch, the novels they read, and the stuff on internet they can download. Also, some girls said the society is more tolerant than before. Well, to some extent, we can say China is experiencing the sexual liberation which western countries went through 50 years ago. So this is China's swinging 60ies! 


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