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4+3=7? No way!


Why can't the British count? The UK government is going mad because the British are so hopeless at Maths - kids in Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore are miles ahead. UK children just don't like sums. And without a calculator, nine out of ten of the population can only add up if they use their fingers. So what is going wrong?


Santa Claus's hotel, in London Westfield 

 Christmas and New Year hit the UK like an explosion. There are gradual tremors first in the supermarkets. You can see Christmas decorations suddenly appear on boxes of chocolates and biscuits, and then suddenly almost the end of November, the big radio stations decide it's time and they play the first Christmas song, like the Pogues, "Fairytale in New York". It's like a gun shooting the race. Everywhere, there are Christmas trees, lights, Santa Clauses, Elvis giving presents to children, cards, gifts, office parties, and a complete madness in the shops as parents rush to get the latest toy for their children and buy enough good to last the whole of the new year! Well not quite but it looks that way when you see the shopping trolleys absolutely laden with turkeys, Christmas puddings and stacks of everything people can think of to eat.

Edinburgh Festival 2012If you are planning where to go in August, if you are just happen to be in Scotland, then you definitely can’t miss the biggest art festival in the world-Edinburgh Festival!

I went to the Edinburgh Festival quite a few times this year, and every time it was a wonderful experience. Every beautiful thing starts from the very simple. If you are in Glasgow, one hour on the train will take you there, and it’s incredibly convenient since the train departs every 15 minutes, so you can even have a relaxed Saturday morning and leave at about 2pm.

After one hour of travelling through the Scottish countryside, you will arrive in Edinburgh’s main railway station-Waverley, which is located right in the center of Edinburgh. After you get out of the train station, turn right you will walk directly into the shopping centre—Princes Street which has all the main shops and stores. If you turn left out of the station, it will lead you to Edinburgh castle and main festival venues.