China Girls Abroad


Enjoying the sunshine in EgyptYoung Chinese are travelling everywhere! I am swamped with pictures from my friends on Renren (Chinese version Facebook)’s endless pretty images of Europe, Africa, US or resort islands that I have no idea even which continent they belong to. I am not a student with good self-discipline, and couldn’t resist the temptation to scan all the photos. However, I always feel a little bit sad about the time I have consumed on this, as I never see much apart from the hotels, food and show off self-portraits. Maybe I am too jealous and critical in saying this. After all it was their holiday and they have the right to do anything that made them happy. Still, after seeing tons of this kind of pictures, I think there might be better ways to enjoy travelling.



Essay, Essay, Essay!!!!With Christmas and winter, the weather in Britain becomes increasingly cold and wet. In this season, many people will suffer from the winter syndrome, which is clinically known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Here is a list of SAD symptoms for self-diagnosing: (1) difficulty waking up in the morning (2) tendency to oversleep and overeat (3) difficulty concentrating on tasks (4) social withdrawal. (Quoted from Wikipedia). On the magazine, many of us have these symptoms even in the summer, especially over-eating and over-sleeping!


But how many symptoms do you have? All of them? If this is the case, you should really take it seriously, especially when you have a dissertation to work on. While the local British can assuage their low moods with alcohol binges and the yearly reunion with their family, Chinese students studying in Britain seem doomed to suffer. Homesickness will definitely exacerbate depression, so will a dissertation at the end of the term. Exams may not be a problem for those hard-working Chinese students, but a dissertation is really tough.


 Arrival--Lost in big city