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A present from the iceageArran is sometimes called the magic island—mountains in the north, beautiful beaches in the south, castles, cottages, and skies that light up with more colours than it is possible to imagine. The light of Arran attracts artists who try to capture its wonderful brilliant changes. The secret is in the land and stones of the islands. In the last ice age, the great glaciers gouged deep into the earth and ploughed up millions of precious stones and rocks of all colours—red, purple, green, white and cream. Then as the ice melted the land and shores were covered in these and they lie there now. But Arran is an island and the wind and skies race in from the Atlantic Ocean. The light changes every moment and shoots across the land, lighting up the stones—it is a breath-taking place. 


Jump on board and dance on ancient stones! 

Go there on the ferry from Ardrossan. There is an easy train connection from Glasgow to Ardrossan Harbour and you step off the train just at the right time for the ferry. In just one hour on the train and another on the ferry you can be in the magic place, where the air is as clean as crystal, so silent that only the birds can be heard.


A fairy castle 

There are buses which go round the island or you can hire a bike at Brodick where ferry arrives and just explore it yourself. Arran is full of things to do, you can walk, sail, or ride up mountain on the bike. There are forests and beaches, clear water in the seas and purple heather on the land.


Dragon lady 

It is easy to talk with people on Arran. There are lots of artists, painters, sculptors and people who make craft work. It is a great chance to practice your English as people are very friendly. We visited a famous "dragon lady" who makes potteries using the image of dragons.

 Sunset in Blackwaterfoot


We even met a Buddhist monk who was on her way to a place called Holy Island, just next to Arran and had lunch with her before she jumped on the bus for the next level.


Cattle on the skyline, looking at the iceberg 

You can join the local cattle on the skyline looking at the iceberg (James Cameron did the same in his book, Point of Departure) or, you can see the 12 apostle cottages and interesting rocks! 


This rocks! 

For young Chinese people it is a good idea to hire self-catering cottages, for a few days or a week. You can have 4 or more people staying in one of these and have some real fun. Cooking for yourselves is a big advantage in the UK because as you probably know most of the food in restaurants is pretty plain and boring. We like spicy food so take loads of chilly and garlic sauce with you, stock up before you go—the fresh meat and vegetables can be bought on the island. As soon as the local people smell your cooking, they will probably want to try it!


7 apostles, go to Arran to see the other 5!


Book your tickets now, Arran is just unmissable!
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