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 The most beautiful modern building in Glasgow-St Enoch centre, like a glass ship sailingBEST FOOD IN GLASGOW 

Are you a spicy girl coming from Sichuan or Hunan of China? Are you missing your grandma’s sauce, hot pot or traditional snacks? If you are, then you probably shouldn’t miss the following restaurants in Glasgow!

1, China China: 179 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3ER.

Located in near the city centre, it has a large variety of Chinese food. BUT the most fabulous thing is that they do hot pot as well! You may find it not as that good as the one from your hometown, still it’s near enough to fulfil your appetite for spicy food for a while. If I remember correctly, it costs £15 to have a hot pot as well as any other food from the buffet, AND also a large variety of fruits, ice cream and cakes! Haha, usually, Chinese girls would eat until they couldn’t eat any more, let alone walk! Also China China has another surprise for you—Karaoki! After tons of food, you can spend a couple of hours entertaining by singing karaoke with your friends. I know Karaoki is not common in Britain and the sound effect is sometimes poor. But just sing louder!

2, Chow: 98 Byres Road, Glasgow, G12 8TB

Chow is very near to Glasgow University, and a comparatively authentic Chinese food restaurant. The “crispy noodle in spicy egg sauce”, “shredded chicken”, and “Sichuan beef” are all very good, a bit sweet but that’s Glasgow cuisine—sugar one end and salt the other. But if you ask for some chilli oil, it would be perfect! Another good thing about Chow is that it does special meals which serve very good food with very reasonable prices. If you go there between 12—2.15pm from Monday to Saturday, it only costs £6 for 2 courses, £7 for 3 courses, but enough to make you full. If you go for dinner between 5-7pm, you can enjoy 2 courses for £9.90, and the portions are bigger than the lunch one.


3, Wong’s: St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4BW

Wong's Chinese KitchenLocated in the 1st floor of St Enoch shopping centre, it’s a Chinese food take-away place in the middle of other popular western food shops. Though it’s take-away, usually people just sit in the tables immediately beside the food shops. So it’s a big eating area with lots of choices from different shops. The best food in Wong’s is the salt and pepper king prawns one which is not displayed in the window with other prepared food, but it's on the board on top of the counter. If the board is gone, then this dish is sold out. The fried king prawns with rice taste really delicious. Fried with onion, it has a very dry, spicy, rich taste. Every time you bite the king prawn, it feels like heaven. It definitely worth trying!

4, Wodon: 535 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8HN

The best noodle & sushi bar in Glasgow. I tried the broth noodle and fried noodle which are really good. Especially the broth noodle, usually has a variety of vegetables and lots of good quality king prawns or pork or chicken, and the soup tastes really delicious. One noodle dish makes you completely full. And it’s healthy as well! It’s a very good place to try.


5, Merchant Chippie: 155 High Street, Glasgow, G1 1PH

Best Fish & Chips in Glasgow!And don’t miss the best fish and chips in Glasgow at the Merchant Chippie in the High St (junction with Ingram st). The fish is brought in every day fresh from Aberdeen and the batter is super crispy like tempura. This is in the East End of the city, just down from where Glasgow University used to be before it was picked up and moved to the fashionable West End.

But the Merchant City is really worth a look – lots of shops and Strathclyde University is there too. The Old College Bar is still there, just up the High street, where the Glasgow students used to drink beer and think that one day girls would be allowed in to study and that there would be a sexual revolution. Too bad that they had 300 years to wait!


6, Tapa coffeehouse: 721 Pollokshaws Rd, G41 2AA.

Best coffee at Tapa!And the best coffee in Glasgow is at Tapa coffeehouse. Great bread and good Scottish breakfast (try the black pudding!). You can also get a really good Latte (milky) at KFC, opposite Wong's--unbelievable but true and about half what it costs some places in China!


If you think the Scottish food is plain and dull, then you should try curry! Glasgow has hundreds of curry restaurants, and it has been voted as “curry capital of Britain”. Here are a few recommendations:

1, Banana Leaf: 76 Old Dumbarton Road, G3 8RE

Banana Leaf in the west end is a place which you will go back to 20 times after the first visit. It is quite small without too much decoration, but it does very authentic, spicy, strong, rich tasting food. The king prawn starter dish is soooooo hot that even a spicy girl like me had to keep drinking water. Other dishes like lamb or chicken curry are all very good, and also the giant dosas which are like huge pancakes. The price is really cheap for such good quality food. It’s a perfect alternative for people who want to try spicy food that isn't Chinese.

2, Mother India’s cafe: 1355 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AD

Mother India's Cafe & Dining In--Best curry shops in GlasgowThis is exactly opposite to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and always has a queue outside the door, in winter or summer. This is a smaller cafe compared to the other Mother India which is 10 minutes’ walk away (turn right out of the door and keep walking). All the food we tried here was very good. My favourite dishes are Chilli Garlic Chicken and Machi Massala which have a very rich, spicy taste. The peshwari naan and pilau rice are all good. Also they do it in smaller portions, so you can try a variety of food. The price is reasonable as well.

3, Dining In: 1347 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AD

This cafe is immediately beside Mother India’s cafe, they are from the same company, and the food is just as good. This place is smaller, but one of their major businesses is take-away. They cook the food in advance and display inside, you can just pick whatever you like. The taste of the take-away food is just as good as sitting in. And the price is really cheap. This is a perfect place to get take-away when you are too tired or too lazy to cook, but still want good food!


Ashton LaneThe Old SchoolhousePubs and clubs are definitely a must go place if you want to experience western culture and young western people’s night lives. In Glasgow there are hundreds of pubs and clubs, and they are always full of people, especially at the weekends or during the sports seasons. For example, I went to the “The Old Schoolhouse” in Woodland road, near Glasgow University with my friends to watch the European League this year. I have to say it is a quite good place to go. This is a big place with TVs everywhere. Even in front of your sofa, there are a couple of small TVs as well. So wherever you are in this place, you won’t miss the match. Also, they have a large variety of drinks and food, and pool. By the way, the fish and chips there are ok.

Other places like Ben Nevis in Argyle Street and Dram in Woodlands Road have a wide range of whiskey and drinks, and they do Scottish music or folk music session at night as well. Ashton Lane next to the Glasgow University has loads of bars, restaurants, pubs and even a cinema. It’s really a good place to go and you can meet lots of young people there. The night view is very pretty. The east side of the city is good to walk around too. The merchant city has lots of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops.

Finally, Polo Lounge is a place you can’t miss! Personally I believe this is the best place to explore western culture, in terms of young people’s nightlife and attitudes towards gays. It’s a gay bar (best in Scotland), but anybody can go. It has a very comfortable atmosphere there, because it doesn’t have any judgement made in it. Who you are or whatever you do, nobody cares. Also it’s very safe for girls because most boys there are gay, and people are really nice and friendly. So whatever your sexuality is, just go there, grab some drink, enjoy yourselves and have some fun! Or even just look and get up for a dance if you feel like it. (Wednesday is the best time to go, as it’s the cheapest night with loads of interesting people). Polo website:


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