China Girls Abroad


The traditional holiday destination for Glaswegians in England is on its west coast, where they find the golden sands of Blackpool, and even more golden flow of Lager, ice creams and doughnuts. But any who tire of its ballroom dancing and pleasure beach, might try a short trip east to the county of Yorkshire, which offers a quite different array of attractions. The contrasts here are striking: wander along the cobbled streets of Lumb Lane in Bradford, and it could be a visit to east Bengal with the delicious smells of curry, bangara music in the air, and supermarkets full of sarees, chillis, and Asian goods. Last summer, the centre of Bradford hosted the World Curry Festival, and its Asian population turned out in full to dance and sing in the streets alongside thousands of visitors and other Bradford locals who are convinced this is now the curry capital of Britain.


Deer baths in the sunset


Castle Sween is a place where you can find tranquillity in nature, peace with yourself, and harmony with others. Whatever unhappy things have happened in your life, they will be gone with the wind when you get there.

Leicester Square underground station

Have you ever seen an Indian couple the woman in a white and beautiful sari, having a wedding banquet and laughing, in a Spanish restaurant? Have you imagined a Turkish couple having a wedding ceremony in an African restaurant? Have you ever tried French patisserie cakes immediately after you had fried dumplings or dandan noodle from China Town just 10 yards away?
Where do you imagine this could be? That’s right London! It’s one of the most interesting, dynamic, culturally diverse cities in the world, and I think what makes it so interesting is exactly the mixed culture. 

A present from the iceageArran is sometimes called the magic island—mountains in the north, beautiful beaches in the south, castles, cottages, and skies that light up with more colours than it is possible to imagine. The light of Arran attracts artists who try to capture its wonderful brilliant changes. The secret is in the land and stones of the islands. In the last ice age, the great glaciers gouged deep into the earth and ploughed up millions of precious stones and rocks of all colours—red, purple, green, white and cream. Then as the ice melted the land and shores were covered in these and they lie there now. But Arran is an island and the wind and skies race in from the Atlantic Ocean. The light changes every moment and shoots across the land, lighting up the stones—it is a breath-taking place. 

 The most beautiful modern building in Glasgow-St Enoch centre, like a glass ship sailingBEST FOOD IN GLASGOW 

Are you a spicy girl coming from Sichuan or Hunan of China? Are you missing your grandma’s sauce, hot pot or traditional snacks? If you are, then you probably shouldn’t miss the following restaurants in Glasgow!

1, China China: 179 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3ER.

Located in near the city centre, it has a large variety of Chinese food. BUT the most fabulous thing is that they do hot pot as well! You may find it not as that good as the one from your hometown, still it’s near enough to fulfil your appetite for spicy food for a while. If I remember correctly, it costs £15 to have a hot pot as well as any other food from the buffet, AND also a large variety of fruits, ice cream and cakes! Haha, usually, Chinese girls would eat until they couldn’t eat any more, let alone walk! Also China China has another surprise for you—Karaoki! After tons of food, you can spend a couple of hours entertaining by singing karaoke with your friends. I know Karaoki is not common in Britain and the sound effect is sometimes poor. But just sing louder!