China Girls Abroad


Everywhere you look people are writing about China. Boring things! Population movements, economic growth, labour markets, statistics, boring, boring, boring. We want to talk about interesting things. China is exploding with new ideas, people are going abroad, girls aren’t what they used to be. So what is happening to us? What’s happening to our daily life and relationships? What are we thinking? And what about those things we don’t talk about, that in the past have been too shameful to discuss—the secrets we keep in our families, mental illness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, or even being gay which is becoming quite accepted in many countries, but in China it’s still underground. All the cultures of the world are suddenly in front of us, and it makes us think about ourselves. So that’s what we’ll be talking about—what makes us as we are, and where we are going next.


What will happen to our family lives, to our relationships? Will we be open to each other, will we hug each other, say “I love you” much more, be polite and gentle or just carry on pushing each other out of the way in bus queues? Will Chinese girls love sex more than chocolate? Will they get fed up being told to get married by the time they are 30? Will we learn to talk about the subjects that are still secret in China and most of all about how to have a wonderful life? We will talk about all these things here and also brilliant places to go, great food, interesting people, travel, music, books, films. This is what our bilingual magazine is about: Life, Sex, and Rock and Roll for young Chinese everywhere!


Lastly, everyone can be a journalist, so tell us Chinagirlsabroad (and boys) what you are doing. Write for us, send us pictures—say what city you are in, tell us the best way round, what is good to eat or the best places to go. Tell us about your lives, write your stories and we will publish them here. This is your magazine.



Journalists in the office